Jag är inte rojalist men….

…. det är svårt att inte bli glad över att kronprinsessan delar ut pris på Gaygalan.

Svenska tidningar skriver, Twitter och sociala media jublar och brittiska the Telegraph beskriver den smått historiska händelsen så:

”It’s a true delight for me to be here tonight. To feel your power, your happiness and your sense of community,” the princess said in a speech hailed as historic by media and gay rights activists.

The princess, 35, entered the stage to the tones of disco group ABBA’s ”Dancing Queen” at an awards ceremony organised by a gay magazine.

The prize was given to author and comedian Jonas Gardell, whose book and TV series ”Never Dry Tears Without Gloves” has sparked a national debate on the treatment of gay men during the onset of the AIDS crisis of the 1980s.

The book’s title refers to the instructions given to a nurse as she wiped tears off a dying man’s face.

”Few have touched us and made us so proud as you have. Your message is clear. Straighten your back. Stretch out your hand. We will wipe each other’s tears,” Victoria said to the author after a surprise appearance that prompted a standing ovation at the glitzy award show.

En tanke på “Jag är inte rojalist men….

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