Happy New Year

To all my friends and family, far and near, I love you all!

We live in exciting times, times of changes, upheaval, falling paradoxes, norms breaking and new ones filling the void. These are the times when the future is shaped, and the ones shaping it are us.

To do it well, we must make sure we learn as much as possible, about every field possible, and a little bit more about a few others as well. We must learn together, teach each other, share our learning and knowledge and then go beyond what we’ve learned, and learn more.

To do it well, we must have the courage to question, always question, and listen to the answers, talk about the answers, and put them in context.

To do it well, we must love, love each other, love the world, love the love of others, love culture and love ourselves.

To do it well, we must raise our voices and express ourselves in all the ways we can. We must dance, we must talk, write, play, sing, create. Create ourselves, the world, and the future.

So sing

Happy New Year!

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