The world in my heart

My wonderful, fantastically brave youngest son lives on the east side of the Pacific Ocean. He lives there with my beautiful, amazing daughter-in-law, his wife, and an equally beautiful, wonderful three year old boy. I long for them every day, of course, wishing they lived just down the road, but such is not the case.  They find their own place in life, carve their own niche and bloom. As it should be.

Today my dearest son-in-law moves to the west side of the same ocean. It’s a long journey, and longer still until we meet again irl.

But we are fortunate. We live in amazing times. Through the Internet we can talk, we can see each other, we can take pictures of what we are and where we are and share with each other.  We miss each other, but my heart surrounds the world, so no matter how far they travel, my darling beloved younger generations, they never for even a fraction of a second leave my heart.


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